Annual Report and Accounts

Our most recent annual report and accounts.

2016 Annual Report and Accounts

We continue to operate four centres in London located in Peckham, the Elephant and Castle and two in Tottenham. As evidence of our success we were delighted to win a competitive tender to continue running the 639 Enterprise Centre. All of our centres are working at full capacity and we have been looking at a number of potential new sites as the demand for our service is as strong as ever.
We have continued to support the creation and running of a number of centres outside London. The ‘Mersey Youth Support Trust’ is developing strongly while the ‘Shropshire Youth Support Trust‘ continues to operate successfully and has opened a second building in Oswestry. We have also established the ‘Hull Youth Support Trust’ which is thriving and was recently named charity of the month by the Rank Foundation. Currently we’re in discussions with key people in Dundee and Stoke-on-Trent with a view to replicating our model there.

LYST Audited Accounts 2016

2015 Annual Report and Accounts

We continue to look for opportunities to increase the number of young people we help both in London and in other areas of the United Kingdom.  In London we opened a new centre on the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark. We were given the space free of charge by Southwark Council on the understanding we will encourage young people from the estate to start their own businesses.


2014 Annual Report and Accounts

After the significant expansion and restructuring that took place in 2013 this year has seen the benefits of these changes flowing through to the organisation both in terms of an improved financial position and a structure which is better able to accommodate change and growth.

Annual Review

Annual Report and Accounts (for year ended 31 December 2014)

2013 Annual Report and Accounts

Over the course of 2013, we expanded rapidly. We  won two public sector contracts, launched three outreach projects, and  opened our largest enterprise centre yet in Tottenham. We have doubled the size of our team and are delivering more services than ever; providing enterprise, employment and training opportunities to a wide-reaching audience in more deprived areas of London.

Annual Review

Annual Report and Accounts (for year ended 31 December 2013)

2012 Annual Report and Accounts

During 2012 we worked closely with 169 young people, we managed a network of 92 business incubation units in Deptford, Tottenham, Hackney and Southwark, of which 62 were allocated to LYST clients. We provided premises for 82 businesses. Over the course of the year, we supported 39 business start-ups. Meanwhile, 29 businesses moved on from LYST of which 20 were still trading at the point of departure, 6 ceased trading, and 3 entrepreneurs took up employment. That represents a positive outcome for 80% of our departing tenants. In addition to those for whom we provided premises, we intensively supported 44 young people in Camden who were exploring enterprise opportunities. And in Southwark we helped 10 young people prepare their business plan so that they could apply for bursary funding, through the Mind Your Own Business Programme and then go on to set up a business.

Annual Report and Accounts (for year ended 31 December 2012)