Out of London Projects

As the LYST model of developing start-up businesses has been such a success, we have supported in the formation of organisations outside of London that utilise the model to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become financially independent.

Merseyside Youth Support Trust (MYST)

In 2013, the London Youth Support Trust supported in the development of a new charity; the Merseyside Youth Support Trust (MYST). Based in the former St. Lawrence School building in Kirkdale, MYST provide business advice, affordable work spaces, funding opportunities, contacts and networking opportunities, thus providing the young entrepreneurs with support and guidance throughout their business start-up period.

Over the course of the last year, MYST have held a range of free business courses such as sales techniques, pitches and personal finance courses, of which they are still running. MYST also organise Open Days, where many new entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make new contacts. 

For more information, contact | @MYSTLiverpool

Shropshire Youth Support Trust

Established in late 2015, the Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST) aim to help young people in Shropshire get started in business. Based at Brodie House in Telford, SYST will provide young entrepreneurs with subsidised space alongside mentorship and advice, helping them to create sustainable businesses.

For more information, contact | @SYSTBusiness

Hull Youth Support Trust

The Hull Youth Support Trust (HYST) is a charity dedicated to supporting young (18-30) aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and underemployed people in Hull and the surrounding areas. Through our business incubation and coworking space we will provide affordable premises for young business owners to work out of and access to business advice and support. 

In 2016, HYST opened the OneSixOne Centre, providing oung people who are in a position to rent space with HYST can benefit from heavily subsidised rents as well as 1-2-1 business advice and support.

For more information, contact | @OneSixOneHull