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DMG Prints

Durrell was made redundant twice after leaving university. In 2013 he started DGM Prints, a professional garment printing company that specializes in vinyl and digital printing. He is currently based in the 639 Enterprise Centre.

What does your business do?
It’s a t-shirt, digital and vinyl printing company.


Why did you start the business?
I was made redundant twice after I left university so I wanted to avoid that ever happening again. I knew that I could design and print T-shirts and that’s also what I really liked doing. I used all the money I had saved and bought my first printing machine.
I never thought that I would have gone to university let alone own a business. That in itself was a major achievement because I was the first person in my family to go. Now I have an opportunity to make something really good happen with the business.


What is the key to your success?
I have quite a unique style and have built up a good reputation in the industry by making bespoke items. They don’t pay as well but it’s really good for word of mouth advertising.


What’s the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur? 
I’ve had to sacrifice a lot. When I was 18 I used to drive, I don’t own a car now. I also recently moved back with my parents because I couldn’t set up a business as well as paying rent.


Where would you like to be this time next year?
I’d like a more regular online sales income and I want to have the production out of my studio. I’d also really like a studio assistant.


Why did you want to work in 639?
I grew up here, went to Northumberland Park School round the corner and always wanted to move back. After the riots you saw lots of things changing in the area and 639 was one of those things. The chance to rent an office in 639 came at the perfect time for me.
One year from now… 
I’m happy at the moment because the business supports my lifestyle financially, but in a year the whole model and operation will be much tighter. I’ll be generating regular output with a secure list of clients.


What is your amibition for your business?
The dream is to have my own shop with my own logo that prints everything. I want to get youngsters in to give them experiences too, to help them get into the business and share my knowledge.