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Lenique Louis London

Lenique Louis is a jewellery designer and Into Enterprise entrepreneur. Inspired by natural materials from the sea, her bespoke designs have been successful in the UK and USA. Already a Channel 4 presenter, Precious Award Winner and with a new website on the way, Lenique is looking forward to even more success.

What does your business do?
I make jewellery inspired by nature.
Where were you before you started with LYST?
I was at university studying international management but decided to leave after my second year because I wasn’t enjoying it.
Why did you start the business?
After leaving university I went to Thailand. Inspired by the beauty of the natural materials I saw on a snorkelling trip, I came back and set up a make-shift studio in my Gran’s garage. Then I began designing and selling a few pieces to friends.
The best thing about being an entrepreneur is…..
Being your own boss and seeing your goals materialise. I don’t think there are any cons! If I had some advice it would be to maintain contacts and make the most of every situation.
What is your biggest achievement so far?
Having a cult following in America!
What difference has Into Enterprise made to your business?
It has helped in almost every way. Wendy and Nadia have pushed and supported me to help my business grow by increasing potential business opportunities, setting up meetings and applying for awards. Into Enterprise has helped me to achieve my potential.
What is your ambition in business?
I’m really looking forward to selling from my new website, which means I’ll be in control and able to grow organically with my business. My new men’s collection will be finished soon too.