Drums Unlimited

The location in London for drummers to rehearse, record and film.

What does your business do?

Our business is a music rehearsal space. We provide space for musicians, music teachers and bands. The goal is to create a community of musicians in South London. So we can have the ability to promote their music, film live sessions and hold events.

Where were you before you started your business?

I was self-employed as a professional drummer. I was spending time doing gigs for money, working freelance. Struggling to make big progress as I didn’t have any space or time to focus on my work.

Why did you start your business?

I started my business to have a space for myself to work as I struggled to work from home. I wanted to create a place where musicians could network and get to know each other. A community of musicians. There is a real lack of places where you can play music in London. This is why I started it.

How did you hear about LYST?

I was struggling to find business premises. So I started looking for business support and advice instead. I thankfully found LYST through an online search and it has been upwards from there.

How has LYST helped you?

It helped by making the studio a reality. A very good location and a nice space in Peckham. The place is affordable for what I do. I was struggling to find a location and LYST showed me a place. We’ve had to adapt the space to suit our purpose for music. Such as building a wall, sound proof the space which was a challenge but LYST always aided me at every turn.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to run events at the studio networking events and showcase events for creative people around Peckham. I would like to have drums unlimited to be well known. If possible expand to different areas of London and get a really strong online presence.


Twitter – Drumsunlimited_

Instagram – DrumsUnlmitedStudios