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Secure on Site

Michael moved into the 639 Enterprise Centre with his team last year. They run the growing security firm Secure on Site, which offers training and security staffing services.


What does your business do?
Our business supplies a range of security services to safeguard premises, individuals and assets.


Where were you before you started with LYST?
I was studying sociology at university. I can now proudly say ‘I’ve graduated’!


Why did you start the business?
We spotted a gap in the market, where we beleived customers would benefit from the use of our services.


The best thing about being an entrepreneur is…
Challenging myself to be innovative, setting realistic targets and knowing I am giving everything to achieve them.


And the hardest thing?
Our perspective is if you believe things are hard, then they will be! Our approach is work hard and do our research, so we can gain a better understanding of the challenge ahead.


What difference has LYST made to your business?
We really needed office space to carry out our day-to-day operations. Due to high rent in London, premises are virtually impossible to obtain, especially for new businesses like us.


Now our company is much more professional and we’re able to bring clients to the office. The value of having low-cost rental space is undeniably beneficial!


What is your amibition for your business?
We aim to get a significant share of the UK regulated security sector, and to be the best at supplying the manned guarded sector.