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Erica-Renee skincare

Monique started Erica-Renee skincare to help her two year old son. Having tried everything to cure his eczema, which required regular trips to hospital to receive the same treatment used on burn victims, Monique decided to experiment with organic products from around the world.


Now she is the Co-Director of an organic skin-care business that has just been spotted by ASDA representatives, and even better, the proud mother of a very healthy son.


Monique was inspired to start her business when she realised there were no eczema products that could help her two year old son.


“His skin was awful, he was covered in sores and it broke my heart to see how much pain he was in,” she says, “We tried everything and nothing worked. After a while we realised the steroid creams are really dangerous and harmful.”


Monique and her husband, Co-Director Edward Hassan-Sadiq, decided to try and create their own remedy to cure their son’s skin condition, using ingredients from all over the world.


Within two weeks, her son’s skin cleared up and he was no longer in pain. “You would never have known my son had such severe eczema. He now has fantastic skin!”


All of Erica-Renee Skincare ingredients are natural and organic, with Shea Butter as the main ingredient in most of her products. Shea Butter has been used for centuries in West Africa and across the world as a cure for sun burn, anti -ageing, joint pain, and arthritis, as well as skin conditions such as scarring and acne.


Monique and Edward approached LYST with a business plan when they heard from a friend that they could get help starting a business.
“If it weren’t for LYST, I honestly don’t know where we’d be! They helped us learn how to handle the management, money and responsibility and gave us regular advice.”


Cliff Dobbs, LYST Hackney Centre Manager, organised a networking event for LYST businesses, where he invited ASDA representatives. “They were really interested in our products. They said they wanted to try it in the Isle of Dogs ASDA. But then a week later they came back to us saying they’d actually like to try it in every ASDA store in London!”


Monique and Edward will have to wait for up to a year to see their products hit the ASDA shelves. We’ll get an update soon on how they’re progressing.