Tafadzwa Murdock

Taffy wearing his products

We Print Express

Centre: Aylesbury Enterprise Centre

Tafadzwa Murdock (Taffy), aged 21, set up his business We Print Express with the support of LYST. Having previously been affiliated with a gang he recalls life growing up in Brixton as being surrounded by “a lot of negative influences.” An initiative including a £5000 grant was presented to him by LYST and Southwark Council and this marked a turning point in his life, enabling him to get his business off the ground.

Success Story Taffy

He began operating from LYST’s new incubator hub on the Aylesbury Estate (right) in September 2016. He says that he has a vision for the future; ‘I want to move to a bigger office and take on 2 members of staff – one to do the printing and one for sales.’

Taffy was recently featured on London Live talking about his experiences, you can watch the video here.



Setting up his business has enabled Taffy to become financially independent and has changed his life for the better:

‘When I started I wasn’t able to do anything for myself – now I can provide for myself. I live with my mum and now I pay her rent and money for bills.’