LBE’s young entrepreneurs showcase their creative crafts

Loughborough Be Enterprising offers 8 week fashion and jewellery courses to 16-25 year olds in Lambeth's loughborough area. 

On the 19th of August, Loughborough Be Enterprising showcased the jewellery and fashiondesigns of their young entrepreneurs at Sunshine International Arts in Brixton. Over the last 8 weeks, we have helped the young people to bring their creative minds to life and reflect that into their projects, this was postively demonstrated at the event. The young entrepreneurs were also supported by the Deputy Mayor of Lambeth, Concillor Saleha Jaffer, as she attended the event and showed great interest in their jewellery and fashion designs. 


The young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn the basis of fashion and jewllery by learning skills such as screen printing from former LYST entrepreneurs, Nadia Banton of Trinkets Jewellery and Kimalie Darlington of DK Darlington.

The young entrepreneurs showcased their fashion designs confidently and were excited to present what they had created. They demonstrated great social skills as they were able to pitch the designs of their jewellery and fashion to potential customers and generate great interest and sales.


The young entrepreneurs also spoke very highly of their experience of the fashion and jewellery project, all commented on the way it brought out their creativity and self-esteem. One of the entrepreneurs, Nicolette, spoke of how the project was "therapeutic" for her, and has enhanced her social skills. She also spoke of how the project has opened her eyes to possibly pursuing a career in jewellery. Whilst another entrepreneur invovled in the scheme, Jerome, spoke of how the project has helped him recognise that he has potential, he now plans to open a clothing business in the future.