Presenting OneSixOne

OneSixOne Centre Hull

We are pleased to announce the opening of OneSixOne. OneSixOne is the first enterprise centre established by our out-of-London partners, the Hull Youth Support Trust, in partnership with Hull City Council.

The Hull Youth Support Trust (HYST) is a charity dedicated to supporting young aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and underemployed people in Hull and the surrounding areas. Through their business incubation and co-working space, they will provide affordable premises for young business owners to work out of and access to business advice and support.

HYST are undertaking an outreach and engagement project with local schools, colleges, universities and educational bodies to ensure that the local community know of the opportunities they can provide for the next generation of budding entrepreneurs.

Young people who are in a position to rent space with HYST can benefit from heavily subsidised rents as well as 1-2-1 business advice and support.

HYST are now accepting applications from potential tenants and already have 6 young entrepreneurs and 3 commercial businesses on board. Feel free to contact them and arrange a meeting with the team to talk through anything you want to discuss. 

Find out more about OneSixOne and the Hull Youth Support Trust at

Address: 161 High Street, Hull, HU1 1NQ

Phone:  01482 755195