NatWest Digital Skills Project

In 2018, LYST are providing digital skills training to young entrepreneurs and small business owners, funded by RBS/NatWest. Basic digital skills are vital in order to improve productivity, reach new international markets and grow a customer base. Specialist training and workshops will be delivered from our enterprise centres across London.

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Step in to Enterprise

From 2016-2017, LYST received funding from NatWest Skills and Opportunities fund, The Evening Standard Disoossesed Fund and Blackrock to help unemployed, young people in Southwark to explore whether self-employment is an option for them, to develop an idea for a business and write a plan. Through this project, we supported 70 unemployed, young people to explore the option of self-employment and 23 of these went on to start a business.

LYST Leavers Project

In 2016, funded by The Progress Foundation, we conducted a review of our alumni to track their progress. We surveyed 50 businesses, 66% of which continued to trade and the average length of time they had been trading for was 7 years. Additionally, we found that 45% of those still trading had gone on to employ others, creating a total of 48 additional jobs and having a wider reaching impacton their communities. It is clear that LYST supports local economic development as 85% of thesebusinesses continued trading in the same borough as the centre from which they were supported.

Baxendale Project

In 2016, we commissioned an independent survey of our clients undertaken by consultants Baxendale and found that:

reported that they are setting aspirational goals for the future
feel more motivated to achieve their goals
reported feeling more confident
feel more likely to fulfil their potential
felt that they are investing into their future
felt they are using their time in a meaningful way
felt more positive about their future

Enterprise in the City

In 2015, we completed our first European funded project, Enterprise in the City. The purpose of the project was to help our clients improve the performance of their business. Our target was to support 50 businesses, we over achieved by supporting 55. These businesses created 58 new jobs (the target was 30) and together they achieved an improvement in their performance of a value of £219,000.

Loughborough Be Enterprising


Funded by JP Morgan, the 2015 pilot of the Loughborough Be Enterprising (LBE) project helped 18 young people get started in business and on the back of this we received a second round of funding from the financial services firm, allowing us to expand the project to provide not only basic creative skills, but more advanced skills and business support. During phase two we engaged over 100 young people, 81 completed the skills development programme, 16 young people started in business, 30 moved into education and 4 into employment.

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Mind Your Own Business

The Mind Your Own Business scheme, in partnership with Southwark Council, offered young people the chance to pitch their business ideas to a Dragon’s Den-style panel, in the hope of receiving a bursary to kick start their own company. In 2014, we allocated £115,000 in funding to help 23 fledgling businesses get started in the borough.

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