LYST Leavers

LYST Leavers is a brand new programme for former LYST businesses, providing even more opportunities to benefit from LYST's expertise. All former businessess, whether based in our Hackney, Tottenham, Deptford or Southwark Centres, or participants in one of our enterprise projects, are welcome to become members of the LYST Leavers Community.

Through this programme, we want to help take alumni businessess even further by:

  1. Creating spaces for them to connect with fellow alumni through events – including our annual graduation day – and online.
  2. Sharing knowledge and resources with to help develop their business or career.
  3. Regularly listening to thier feedback and views to make sure that the LYST Leavers programme provides them with the best tools to help grow their businessess

If you are a former LYST business, become part of LYST Leavers today. Join our groups on LinkedIn and/or Facebook, or email us at