Suli Breaks presents Not a Role Model

Suli rs

Peckham client and poet Suli Breaks will soon be taking to the stage with his latest show, Not a Role Model.

After building an extensive audience online, Suli is returning to the stage and inviting those new connections to come with him through his new production. Not a Role Model will be a theatrical production of his latest work, exploring issues such a growth, falling in love, growing up in inner city London, education, passion, adversity and his path to success, through live poetry and theatre.

As well as reaching out his new and old fans, Suli was motivated to create this newest work by a lack of diversity amongst those attending the theatre, namely a desire to change young peoples' relationships with theatre. In a recent interview with London Live, Suli outlined part of the rationale behind his latest production:

Theatre is such a strong part of British heritage, but we’ve neglected it. We’ve kinf of gone into a world which is dismissive of theatre and the impact of it. So I wanted people from my community, all the youths that are part of my demographic – or even other demographics within Inner City London – to really gain an appreciation.

Not a Role Model will be performed on 25 August at The Rock Tower in Tufnell Park. Tickets for the show can be purchased at

Watch Suli's interview on London Live below: